Selling a Yacht

Thinking of selling your boat?  Choosing the right brokerage to represent you and your boat can make the difference between a happy or an unpleasant experience.  We’ve been in your shoes and we understand.  We’ll provide you with an objective market analysis of your boat’s value based on its condition, current asking and sales prices of similar boats, and the current market conditions to price the boat realistically and fairly.  We’ll also guide you on what you can do to improve the value and marketability of your boat.  Let’s face it, the better the condition and appearance of the boat the more likely you are to receive quality offers and to sell the boat at a favorable price with fewer issues found at the survey.  Here are some basic considerations to improve your marketability:

  • Cleanliness – Just like everything else, first impressions matter. Have the boat cleaned and waxed if needed, make sure the bilges are clean.  A dirty boat implies neglect.
  • Remove Clutter – Personal items should be removed if possible, create an inviting space a prospective buyer can see themselves enjoying, both on deck and below.
  • Label Systems – Easily identifiable system components, electrical and plumbing, show attention to past maintenance and ease of future maintenance.
  • Fix it First – Repair known issues before it goes on the market, most buyers are not looking for a project and even small items such as burned out bulbs, chaffed lines or missing/corroded hose clamps can leave that impression.

Following these basic steps will translate into more calls on your boat, better offers and ultimately less time on the market.

We are always looking for quality listings for qualified buyers!

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